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In My World....

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
What a good mom :) Emily is a lovely young lady and you have every right to be extra proud! Family comes first, always....she will remember these special times you were there!

That's a very nice pic of you both, too :)


Staff member
I have been quiet lately, it is because I have been doing play week with my daughter Emily who does Junior Theater. Play week takes over our lives. Anyhow, here we are on opening night. Closing night was Sat., and they perform two shows a day for four days.

Awww....what a great Mom you are ;) Emily is a very lucky girl! She is very cute and looks so happy!!! And yes, she will always remember...


Savannah Super Cat
I said no to Theater this year for that reason. My girls school do it as well. They get to use a local theater and their drama coach is brilliant. It is only a k though 8th school but they do two musicals a year!


Savannah Super Cat
Looks like you both had a blast. What wonderful memories you are forming. I must say that Emily is growing into a beautiful woman. She looks just like you with dark hair! Great pic.