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In need of advice on feeding


Savannah Adult
Hey guys, I have a 6 month old F6 Female. We got some bad advice from our breeder, and were consequently feeding our fur baby a mostly dry food diet, rarely giving her wet food. Since, we have learned it should be the other way around. The question now is about proper proportions. We're feeding her on Purina ProPlan True Nature Grain Free Formula Natural Turket & Chicken wet food and Purina ProPlan True Nature 45% Protein Blend Turkey & Wild Rice dry food, and what we're doing currently is: 1 can of wet food in the morning, 2 cans of wet food in the afternoon, and 1 can of wet food mixed with an equal portion of dry food at night. And these are our questions: Is this feeding too infrequent? How often should raw meet be given to her? Are the proportions between wet and dry food ok? Any ither advice?


Staff member
If she is eating all the food and not complaining about being hungy, she's getting enough. If she acts hungry, feed her more. She's still growing so at this point there isn't too much worry about over feeding. As far as proportions go, imho the more wet food she gets the better. There isn't any rule about proportions between wet and dry -- it all depends on what the cat likes to eat and if she is a healthy weight for age and size.


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As far as how often & how much to feed, each kitten is different. They will let you know if they aren't getting enough food... Shango gets nippy/grumpy if he's hungry so I know to increase how much I'm feeding him or he leaves food left over on his plate if he's getting too much. Like Witchy said, if she's eating her food and seems content then she's getting enough.

Kittens grow a lot their 1st year and should be given as much food as they want, unless there's a weight issue. I can always tell when Shango is going through a growth spurt because he eats all of his food & then still acts hungry so I know to increase his food or add in another meal or two during the day. When he's going through growth spurts, he'll eat 3-4oz of raw meat 4-6 times a day plus 1 3oz pouch of wet food before bed time plus a couple treats. Then when he stops growing for a while he doesn't seem to want to eat as much, maybe 3-4 raw meals plus the 1 pouch of wet before bed with 1-2 treats.


Staff member
As the others have said, kittens should not be limited in their food intake so I would feed as much as they want. As for proportions between wet, dry, and raw - well, she could easily do without any dry at all. She could potentially live on 100% canned, or 100% raw (as long as it was properly supplemented), or a combination of the two in any proprotion that she prefers.