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In very loving memory of my baby, Diego

My F1 Savannah, Deigo, died this morning after learning yesterday that he had a blocked UT & a kidney infection b/c of that. They were giving him IVs & a cath to help flush out his system. Unfortunately he took a turn for the worse overnight & went into cardiac arrest early this morning. He had to be transported to an emergency animal hospital where he went into cardiac arrest again. They performed compressions for about 10 min. before they realized there was no hope. He was only 4yrs. old. Its like one of my children has died..... He was my baby, my best friend and my sleeping buddy when his daddy was working nights. I will always remember you and love you, Diego.


Staff member
That is terrible! Such a tragic loss - I am so sorry! Your Diego sounds like a wonderful boy and you are right - it is like losing a thoughts and prayers are with you and your DH...