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Iniko appears to be in heat at 5 months!


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I will start this thread with a disclaimer that I have never had a female cat - my cats have always been neutered males. With that, I am posting this because it seems that Iniko has gone into heat very early! I have her spaying appointment set for next month (my breeder recommended 6-7 months), but she is definitely displaying behaviors in line with a female in heat at 5 months. Naturally, I plan to bump up the vet appointment, but it will be early September before I can get her in. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to help her calm down/relax right now? I know it’s early but I assume there shouldn’t be cause for concern, so my biggest thing is making her comfortable until I can get her spayed.

I think I have my hands full with this one!


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Oh my. Precocious little thing, but not unheard of. It has been a while since I had an intact female but I really do not recall anything that would take their little minds off of it.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
Unfortunately the best you can do is try to schedule the spay asap, if she's in heat now then schedule it for a week or two's time which should manage to get her spayed before her next heat.

In terms of "calming" or making her "comfortable" unless you are an intact male cat, that is difficult! There are methods I've read about using Q-tips to stimulate a female cat to take them out of heat but also run the risk of introducing bacteria and causing pyometra (uterine infection) so not something i advise.


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Not much you can do for a girl in heat except hope that it doesn't last long. Vets usually want to wait until they are out of heat to spay (the uterus becomes congested with blood during heat so they run a higher risk of bleeding during this time) so hopefully you can schedule her spay between heats!


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Oh my the biggest problem I am having is that my already super finicky eater is refusing to eat anything! She is only 5 months old so I know she needs to eat and this refusal to eat because she is obviously “disrtracted” is very alarming. She has not eaten since this time last night. She is so wound up...running around like crazy. I have tried everything and she walks away from all that I’ve offered. Spaying will occur as soon as this heat passes, this is far too stressful!!!