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Injury Savannah Obi


Savannah Kitten
Hi friends,

Today we Where at the vet to neuter our Sweet savannah f3 obi. We have asked the vet to make photo’s of obi’s backlegs because sinds the day we Got him hè is limping. We Got sad news That his left back leg isnt attachéd right. Does someone has a n advise What to do, operate or wait with operate? The specialist Saïd That they cant solve iT only remove Some bone for mabye less pain in the future.. I have attachéd 1 röntgen photo, sorry for the bad english i just feel sad I want the best for my sweetie



Savannah Kitten
Thank you, That’s the thing.. I don’t know if hè is in pain.. because of That I don’t know if I need to let hem operate now when hè is young or wait till hè gets older and mabye when the pain starts..i am scared That an operation can make iT worse Than iT is right now. I don’t have experience with this kind of injury.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I would definitely operate now. He IS in pain, cats just hide pain better than we can be very very hard to assess pain in a cat. Your kitten will be more comfortable and likely more mobile once this issue is addressed.

It seems that there are options especially with this being a kitten. My advice would be to definitely find a specialist, an orthopedic surgeon vet would be ideal here. I hope that there is one within reach.

David Z

Site Supporter
Unfortunately animals do a good job at hiding pain. If Obi is limping that's a sign of pain, I agree with Brigitte on seeking a second opinion from a orthopedic.


Staff member
I agree with Brigitte - the sooner the surgery is performed the better the outcome, and definitely try to find an orthopedic specialist. Does your vet feel this is from an injury or a congenital condition that he was born with?


Savannah Kitten
Hi Patti . Hè Thinks hè is Born with this. His 2 brothers and 1 sister died with birth. His Mother rejected him and was really angry towhards him. With alot of effort they moved him to a other breder Who eventual accepted him and fed him..


Site Supporter
How sad. I am not being judge mental but he started off his life in turmoil, please fix his leg so he can live the rest of his life in kitty bliss!!


Site Supporter
First may I say you are in the best possible place to seek advice and support. I’m very sad for you and your sweetie. And hope you have medical doc’s near by. That can put you and your baby back into a happy enjoyable life.