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Instinct Raw - no more beef for cats


Savannah Super Cat
We have a picky eater that would only eat the Nature's Variety Instinct Raw bites Beef. I recently found out that they changed to having separate Dog and Cat versions of their product. The Beef is only available for dogs now. Looking at the Beef product, it no longer contains hearts or taurine. It is still 91% meat.
Would I still be able to feed this if I added taurine to it at feeding time? The only other thing I can get this little guy to eat right now is some stinky can food - it stinks going in and coming out, it's going to drive me nuts!


Staff member
Oops, hit enter too soon. Compare the ingredients between the dog and cat food. Dog food is formulated differently and may contain more carbs than needed and less vitamins & minerals than needed.


Savannah Super Cat
Hi, I currently feed my savannah a raw meat diet. This is the pretty standard diet that contains parts of chicken with a vitamin supplement. I am a hunter and with that being said hunting season is around the corner. Has anyone fed their cat dove, venison, and/or wild hog? Would this be a good idea since it is 100% wild and organic?