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Savannah Super Cat

Is it necessary to subscribe to an insurance for our SVs or no disease particular will arrive frequently ?

I did a soumission at Lapersonnelle, and the franchise is 100$/year for an cotisation monthly about 27$.

- 2000$ by disease and incident
- no preventive exam is included, if i want this protection the cost is 69$/months.



Eddies a ham!
See the thread about Trupanion, Eddies Insured there, the only guarantee we get is in the contract; Elsa sure taught me a lesson & she is John Campbells little angel.


Savannah Super Cat
Ok thank, it a bit more than Lapersonnelle, i have advantage because i'm in group.

But, is it a good product ? I mean savannah do need this insurance or not ?
Well, here's the thing...

Pet insurance is nice-- but if you crunch the numbers, it can be just as effective to put away said money into a savings account for your pet and collect interest on it.

Thing is-- most people don't do this and therefore pet insurance is a very viable, very good option to have.

I do highly recommend it to any pet owners--- it's just the easier way to do things.


Staff member
I totally agree with Trish - it would be much more effective to put away that monthly fee into a savings account set apart specifically for your cat. The worst case scenario would be that he gets sick the first year or two and you don't have enough funds put aside to cover it, but in general Savannahs are a very healthy breed and have not been found to be prone to any particular disease, so the odds are you'll rarely if ever need those funds.

However, if you are not a highly disciplined person it might be hard to make those monthly deposits, in which case the pet insurance is a great option.


Savannah Super Cat
So i can take the insurance for 1-2 years and cancel it.

I dont have any insurance for myself outside car, house and free disease in Qu├ębec.