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Interview Advice

Mantha Meow

Savannah Super Cat
I have an interview tomorrow afternoon at a cat clinic! (yay!!) I will take any interview advice you all have. I am generally pretty shy until I feel comfortable and then I can talk to much so interviews make me very anxious!!
Also I am having an issue trying to decide how much of a pay cut I can take. I will soon be moving in with my boyfriend and will need to make at least $800 a month to cover my portion of the bills. That isn't including groceries and such. Right now I make $9.50/hr at 20 hrs a week. That makes my checks $321 every two weeks. However, I get anywhere from $100-$300 a month in bonuses. ($25 per loan I work on that closes) So that being said I bring in anywhere from $750-$950 a month at this time.
The clinic's job posting said they need someone very part time (10-20 hrs week). On the application I put $9/hr for the desired pay. I never know what to put there haha. I do not want the pay to be what keeps me from taking this job if it is offered.. I also do not know what is a fair wage for a "very part time" receptionist/vet assistant. Can I tell the interviewer my situation and that I need X amount to be able to take the job??

(All the above math is done without including money I make from my pet sitting business. I currently have one recurring job for a fireman that pays $200 a month. That could stop at any time though so I don't include it in my calculations)

So I basically need interview advice, how to bring up the pay advice, and anything else you think will help!!


Staff member
What position are you applying for? Are you trained as a vet tech? I probably would search the internet to find out what the average wages are for your position and request that. If you are only working part-time you may not be able to meet your financial requirements with this job if it is only part-time. If this is the case then you need to tell them that. Here is a website that talks about salaries, but I'm not sure this is exactly the position you are being offered since you mentioned receptionist as well:

As for the interview itself, you want to dress professionally in nice clothes (not a lot of jewerly, no short skirt or spike heels, don't wear tons of makeup, hair out of the face, cover up tattoos if applicable, etc.), and be prepared for the questions they might ask, such as how do you get along with people, how do you handle someone who is angry over a bill or emotional over the outcome of their pet, what kind of animal experience do you have, etc.

It sounds like a wonderful opportunity, and I hope it works out for you!

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
Fingers crossed for a great interview, the position will be offered to you...and be of an amount that you can live on. Since you already pet-sit, if you get the job you might well be asked by vet clients to pet-sit for them as well. Several vet/techs/assistants at my vet's office do just that for some extra income.

Patti gave you some great advice. Good luck!


Site Supporter
I agree with Patti's advice about how to dress for the interview.

Your past: You want to mention what experience from your past prepares you for the job ahead. Definitely mention the pet-sitting business as it is related and shows that you already interact on a professional basis with animals. Mention your education....I know that in a previous post you mentioned that you hate your classes. Forget that for it in to your benefit! The BA in business thatyou are working on will help you with your own business in the future but also comes to play at this job. Not only can you be a receptionist but you can assist in billing as well. This may also get you some additional hours in the future. If nothing else, it demonstrates that you are willing d

Your future: Why do you want this job? How does it play into your future dream job? And how does this help the vet's office? If they don't already have a grooming service, this could be a win/win for both of you. And in the future, you may be able to partner up with grooming. These are the types of things that score points in an interview (as long as they are true!). You are willing to take less $ or work long hours or whatever if it prepares you for your dream future.

A good friend of mine is a vet-tech. She left that because she had issues dealing with what stupid people do to animals either deliberately or with good intentions. She has her own dog-grooming business. One of the things that makes her so successful is her background as a vet-tech. While grooming, she will notice something and bring it to the owner's attention. The dog gets early treatment at less $/better results than waiting for the problem to develop or waiting for an annual exam. Things that you hate now may very well work out in your best interest in the future!

Mantha Meow

Savannah Super Cat
Thank you all so much! I will use all the advice! My interview isn't until 4pm so I have all day to think about what to say and all that!! :)