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Introducing a new cat into the family


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This document outlines the basic method I used when bringing 4 savannah cats into the house. I hope it provides some valuable insight for those who may not know how to start the introduction process.


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That is a great write up Deb! Now if I could just get hubby to agree to get another SV...


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Thanks DChap. There is quite a bit of evidence on this forum that having more than one is a good thing. Just don't let your hubby read any of Becki's posts about Kovu. LOL.


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Thank Deb,

I introducing my old cat again with Abbas after 8 weeks. I put mya in quarantine room, and Abbas always we dont have choice to open the door for few hour. When we left the house, mya stay in quarantine room. We supervise the situation, but Abbas always jump on Mya by behind and play very very stong...i dont know if they played or fight.

I think Abbas does not feel very weel, his Eye flow again (Rhinotrecitis)
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Good resource. I wish I'd read it PRIOR to bringing my kitten home! (n)

I've had a new Savannah kitten in her nursery (quarantine room) for 2 days now. I jumped the gun a bit with letting the previous 3 year old Savannah resident see and sniff the carrier both when we brought the kitten home, and then the next day with a gate system and feeding on either side of it.
My 3 year old Savannah is not keen on the kitten and she sat there growling the entire time she could see the kitten, and hissed when the kitten came close. I knew my 3 year old wasn't going to be welcoming, just based on the couple of previous interactions I've seen her have with other animals. She's very territorial and used to being the only cat, so I feel really dumb that I let my excitement for them to be friends get in the way of a proper and slow introduction which would have been better for them both.

It's so sad though because whenever the 3 year old meows the kitten wants to go running to her! The kitten misses her mom and litter-mates so she feels better with the other cat around, but the 3 year old cat is having none of it.

Have I already made huge mistakes here with the introductions? I've backed off (at the suggestion of my breeder) and haven't put up the gate again, but I did put extra tasty food (canned) down by the door for the 3 year old. The kitten could hear her eating though (and probably smell it too) and was just sniffing around the door and the 3 year old still growled and hissed even with the door closed.

Should I not be feeding them at the door since the 3 year old is so agitated? At what point do I try again? Do I scold the 3 year old for growling and hissing, or try to soothe her? Will she take petting and soothing words as encouragement for the behaviour? I was giving her treats whenever she wasn't growling (she's very food driven) but soon as she wasn't eating the treat she growled again.

Haalp! Lol

Brigitte Cowell

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I see that you started a new thread and have had some responses there, but I will just reiterate that the best course seems to be taking steps back and starting all over and just not encouraging your adult cat to be near the kitten room for now. Work on reassuring your adult cat and take it as slowly as she needs. You need both sides of the situation to be okay before you take a next step. It's not just about the kitten feeling confident, it's also about your adult cat's reactions... she may be the princess type and needs to know that she is still the top cat in your life :)