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Introducing Baby Baboo!


Site Supporter
So, this has been an exciting few days! It's a little early for Baboo to be out, but he's been door dashing the last few days so keeping him locked in his room has been getting more and more difficult. After the in laws left and the house was quiet, we decided to let him explore the rest of the house and put our other 2 cats in our bedroom so he could explore in peace.



Reincarnated cat Moderator
Good luck Sarah. My Regie door darted so much I gave up on the quarentine. Worked out OK. He bonded immediately with Kilifi and she with him. Hope Baboo gets on well with the other 2 when they meet. :)


Site Supporter
So funny you should mention that Cary - he darted out again so we just gave up and decided to follow him and see what happened. What followed was nothing short of absolute cuteness.

IMG_4317(1).JPG IMG_4318.JPG

Baboo wants to play with my boy Ozzy soooo bad. I think that once Ozzy gets used to him they will be good buddies. In the second picture you can see Lily hiding in her chair watching him from a safe distance. Baboo wants to play with her as well but he isn't as persistent - maybe he can sense her uncertainty. There was a little growling, minor hissing, and a couple warning squats (no claws!) but overall it went much better than I expected.

Everything went perfectly until Baboo pooped in the laundry basket of clean clothes.

Baboo: *loud meow*
Hubby: It sounds like he needs to eat or poop. You should take him to his room.
Me: No, it's fine. He's just exploring!
Baboo: *poops in laundry*
Me: bad


Reincarnated cat Moderator
LOL. Make sure that does not become a habit. And..ahh.. Listen to your man.. We guys are not ALL empty.... ;)

Sounds like it will go well once the pecking order is established. Neutered Males are ususally less agrressive. Females, spayed or not, are usually a little more standoffish.


Staff member
Glad to hear the introductions are going smoothly, albeit a bit premature. Laundry seems to be a great attractor to cats - many a Savannah owner has learned the hard way to put the laundry away and out of reach of kitties!

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
Glad the early intros are mostly positive! Another week or so in quarantine, the best you can, will help :)

I am thinking the laundry basket oops was Baboo being too far away from the litter box he knows, and not knowing where your other ones are yet....very good intuition on Tyler's part that he had to poop or was hungry :)