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Introducing Cheshire

Amanda Hughes

Savannah Super Cat
So this past Friday I picked up Nyxs half sister. Her name at the time was Dede and she has renamed Cheshire.
She yowled for the first few days of course. Nyx was really excited when I brought her home. I had Nyx with me when I picked up Cheshire cause Nyx had a vet appt to get her 16 week shot. So they could hear each other and I carried them in together, took them to the living room and shit the doors. I let Nyx out first and she eagerly got out and started looking around. I then opened Cheshires carrier and I had to put Nyx in front of it so she could see her and Cheshire came right out. I think Nyx helped her adjust cause she didn't hide like Nyx did when she first got here. Cheshire would follow Nyx around. She's really smart, she opened up the sliding door to the living room 4 times and explored the house so we decided it was pointless to keep her shut in after that so Nyx showed her around the house. They race each other through the house and wrestle and have fun. Nyx pushes her off the couch and living room table sometimes. but Cheshire is hella rude and tries to steal Nyxs little chunks of boiled chicken. They both get a little chicken cube and Cheshire gobbles hers down and tries to take Nyxs right out of her mouth. But they're sweet hearts and cuddle with each other.



Savannah Super Cat
Cute little ones!
Love the shaved belly shot. Venus is still growing her hair back now. It's nice to have a play time pal I'm sure.

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Staff member
Cheshire is adorable! So glad they are home together now - sounds like there is double trouble in your future!!! ;)


Reincarnated cat Moderator
I thought I had commented, but I guess not.
They are so cute and look like they are going to be little handsful. ( NOTE: This application says that the plural of handful is handfuls. I think it is handsful.)