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Introducing new kitten


Savannah Adult
I know there have been threads on how to introduce kittens into a new home but I wanted to get opinions specifically for my situation. I have a male f1, Nickel that's 2 years old and I will be adding an f1 male kitten to our home at the beginning of May. I know of the quarantine deal/adjusting time but would like some help. We have a 2 bedroom and the spare bedroom is holding our chinchilla so I don't think I can put the kitten in there. When I was cleaning I let Nickel sit by the door and turned my back for 2 seconds and his paw was in the cage, blood everywhere...the chinchillas fine. Just a bad puncture wound and a $200 emergency vet visit at 1am, you can see my apprehension with that. Lol. Never trusting him with our chin again. And our bedroom is where Nickel sleeps with us and spends most of his time lounging in the sun. So I could put the kitten with us. But I'd feel a bit guilty since nickel always sleeps with us. But he could possibly get over it. Our bathroom could work but it's not really big enough for a cat carrier etc. im open to anything and want to do what will benefit our furbabies so any tips or help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!


Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I think given what you've described you are just going to have to feel guilty and shut Nickel out of your room for a couple weeks. Give him extra love and treats and play and hopefully the two weeks will go by quickly, and the introduction be an easy one so that all is well soon...


Staff member
I take it then that you do not have a guest bathroom? I don't know how small your bathroom is but I would try to make it work. Even if you have to put the litter box in the shower stall and move it when in use. You don't necessarily need a carrier, just some bedding (e.g., towels) or a cat bed, maybe situated next to or behind the toilet. I would be concerned about shutting Nickel out of your bedroom. He is already going to be upset about the new addition to the family, he may feel completely rejected if you are now shutting him out of the bedroom and disrupting his normal routine.

Alternatively, is it possible to house the chinchilla in the closet for the quarantine period, or is that not an area that can be easily secured from the cats?
I agree with you Patti. Upsetting the current resident may make the introductions harder or trigger some unwanted behavior. Cat seem to love hiding behind the toilet or inside the vanity anyway so getting creative with this space and making it work would be ideal.


Savannah Adult
We don't have a guest bathroom unfortunately and our closets are not big enough for a chinchilla. His cage is a double level huge almost to the ceiling one. The chinchilla cage in the bathroom is not even possible. Our bathroom, It's small. It has a large built in shower and enough room for a vanity and toilet and a tall storage rack. So not the biggest, but for a kitten could work. Attached is a shot of the bathroom, I'm standing in the shower. It's a little messy :-O Boy I'd love a bigger bathroom. :)


I honestly think that is perfectly fine for the quarantine period with my only concern being the kitten will quickly be planning his "escape" since you use this as your primary bathroom. :)