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Introducing Rufio the SV to Loki the Boxer tonight


Savannah Super Cat
It's going about like I figured it would. Rufio is on the counter and Loki is wondering why Rufio won't play with her. Is this usually the first experience? Those of you with dogs and cats? I'm sure they'll be good friends before I know it.

MK Anderson

Totally normal! it will take some more time with Rufio because cats are territorial. I've never introduced a dog to cat, just cat to cat. I think Kim had dogs at her place, so he should be use to dogs which is a plus, I hope LOL

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
It sounds pretty typical, although it can depend on a lot of factors... whether the kitten was raised with dogs and then what type of dogs...and how that compares to the energy level of your dog too. And how used to cats your dog is and how exuberant he's being greeting his new kitten friend!

As long as Rufio has plenty of places to escape Loki I am sure that he will perch up high and figure out the dog...and before you know it Rufio will be dominating him just as any good kitty should :)


Site Supporter
My dog chased my SV around the house for about a week, although the cat wasn't afraid of her, he may have been a bit startled at her size. They get along fine now and when they play my SV totally dominates just as Brigitte stated. I have a couple cute videos of them playing on YouTube.


Having fostered Boxers and having a few as pets myself I can just picture Loki's tail and hind end shaking like crazy wanting Rufio to come play. lol
Sounds about right, I would just continue to take it slow and like mentioned make sure Rufio has plenty of ways to escape if needed. Also maybe put Loki on a leash when they are together so you have better control of her. Most Boxers are boisterous and while not meaning to harm those front paws/legs can hurt when they are trying to play. Maybe even make sure Loki gets some good exercise before coming over so she won't have as much energy at first. But I'm sure they will be great friends. :)

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
Great suggestion, April, some good exercise before Loki comes to visit could make the interaction less exuberant and maybe more likely to go well :)


Savannah Super Cat
yeah as long as loki is sleeping in his kennel then they are cool with eachother, but if loki is out running around the house then its all hisses and teeth lol then gahnja sprints for his perch!..or he hides really hoping they get along in the far loki has shown no aggression towards him.hes just big clumsy and curious =)