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Introduction of 2 SVs to household

Laura W

Savannah Super Cat
Wow it has been a while, a week or so ago, I took the plunge into being owned by SVs again! I have acquired F3 brother and sister that are just under 2 yrs old. He was very outgoing and all over me and my friend in the home and she was curious and both would let us pet and pick them up, no hissing by either. Couldn't leave one behind so brought them both home! :big grin: God what have I just done!

As usual, I have to explain the situation and what I am seeing prior to question. Skip to last paragraph if you don't care and just want question.

They are still in quarantine in a bathroom and the first night he was very playful, she was standoffish, as to be expected. After playing for about 30 mins, I left to eat dinner. I don't know what happened in that 30 mins but I think a demon took over! I couldn't even get in the room without being hissed at and smacked. Finally got the nightlight in the bathroom and put them to bed (took about 30 mins because one was waiting on the counter to hit my if I even opened the door. Silly kitties)

Next morning, they had eaten, drank and used the box. I still feed chicken every morning to our Bengal and Jungle Bob so they need chicken also (it worked with Echo so give it a shot.) He ate immediately, although he growled the entire time and she wouldn't touch it. No problem I can accept it, the are still a little scared. She did eat when I left the room.

Evening time, snarly hissy kids again. Ok lets have a treat and soft blinks. He likes this idea and she won't look at me without growling. Fine, lets grab a pillow and ignore them and go to SV Chat. He's sleeping in the bed about 2 ft from me, she is in the bathroom window just staring at me, won't blink back. Convinced she simply isn't as trusting.

I have noticed she starts growling and hissing for no clear reason. I think she senses one of the other cats outside the door (surprisingly, the 2 resident cats are curious but no really nasty behavior like when the Bengal was introduced to the Jungle Bob and the dogs don't seem to care at this point even though they know the Svs are behind the door.) He seems to feed off her insecurities and gets riled up when she starts her hissing and growling. I really think if she weren't here in the room, he would be on my lap because he gets up and starts playing and acts perfectly normal until she starts her acting out. He is much more secure then her and will just go about his business with me sitting there. Her, she sits in the window and grumbles if he even looks at her or not. She isn't very nice to him or I either one, so he comes back and gets in the bed, then will come sniff me and decides its okay to go to sleep.

Now the question: What is the best way to make the introductions to the resident fur kids when there are 2 Svs to introduce when one is clearly not as trusting as the other? Is it okay to introduce him first when the time seems right or will he then have an issue with her if she takes longer. Clearly, he will be the easier of the 2, but I don't want her holding him back. Looking for any tips and suggestions?


Staff member
Before I answer your question, let me just ask if it is at all possible to put the two Savannahs in two separate rooms? I think that as long as they have each other, they have no reason to bond with you so it will be difficult to make headway with them. Also if you separate them, you can work with each at their own speed in the bonding process - it sounds like the girl is going to take much longer than the boy in this process.

As far as introducing them to the other critters, I would first wait until your bond with the Savannahs has been established. This will most likely be with the boy first, in which case I would start his introductions first with the rest of the family. I would be hesitant to introduce them both at the same time as you won't have as much control over the situation. Also, if you have not been able to separate them from the start, if you are able to integrate him in with the rest of the family you will then have her alone in the bathroom where you can seriously work on your bonding with her before introducing her to the rest of the crew.

Laura W

Savannah Super Cat
I was thinking I needed to do exactly what you suggest but was afraid that he would forget her and then she will have to meet 3 "new" cats. This isn't the first time I've introduced a SV to my household and it took almost 6 mths, but first time with 2. He is perfectly fine until she starts hissing then he gets worked up.

Laura W

Savannah Super Cat
I should also mention, even with being hissy and growling, I can pick both up and cuddle them without any issues. Neither are aggressive. Both are actually quite sweet and very inquisitive.

Laura W

Savannah Super Cat
LOL They are great. They are doing great with the other furkids. Even nose to nose with the dogs.

He's a character, very curious, into everything, loves to play and a talker, boy does he talk. She is a sweetheart and a bit more shy. Neither have a mean bone in their body, but if you didn't understand SVs, you would think he was aggressive with his growling and hissing, but it just him talking.

Dolos, the Bengal doesn't care which really surprises me. She hated Mitzi, the Jungle Bob, and Mitzi isn't afraid of either one and forces herself on them to try and play. Symba loves Da Bird toy and is crazy with catnip. So far the only casualty was an African Violet pot getting broken, just repotted it, no biggie and he is going through cupboards. He is into everything. The man says "I can see where this is going with him."

I think they like having a big house to run and play in.