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Hello everyone, I first discovered Savannah cats on the Animal Planet show, Too Cute. I immediately began to research the breed. I decided that this was the cat for me. I found a breeder with a great reputation and got on a waiting list for an F5 SBT male. I only had to wait four months for a gorgeous boy I named, Hyssanii. About 2 years later an F3 female joined the family. Last October we welcomed 4 F4 kittens, 2 girls, 2 boys. I had to keep one kitten that I got too attached to. It was 5 kittens originally, but I lost one, the first one born was breech. I was trying to let Mom handle things, but after a few minutes she came to me, I helped her with the next contraction, he was out, but with agonal respiration. The next kitten was breech also, but he was out quickly. I was so worried about him, always checking on him. The next 3 were all normal. I kept number 2 and named him Dante, my F4. We are now a 3 Savannah home, looking for another little girl, hopefully soon!



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You heard what they say around here?
Savannahs are like potato chips you just can't have one.

Great story, welcome aboard.

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