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Inventive little scamp...


Savannah Adult
For all of two days, Freya has ceased with the constant lying about sleeping and has started acting like the adorable little hellion we were expecting when we bought her. I thought I'd share her latest triumph with the board.

Usually, before bed, I'll read a chapter of my book while tossing a toy for her to chase. She enjoys this game, and if I go to long without tossing the toy, you can bet she'll do whatever she can to interrupt my reading. Well, last night, I couldn't quite finish my chapter (too tired) and flicked the light off. Freya understands that when the light goes off, it's time to settle down for sleep. Come morning, she's up and active again. She WILL attack me feet if I'm not showing signs of wakefulness by 8, and she'll pitch an even bigger fit if I'm not out of bed by 8:30.

This morning, I decided to finish the chapter of my book that I'd started last night. It was a bit too dark with the blinds closed and curtains drawn to read by natural light, so I turned on the lamp by my bed. It's one of those goose-neck desk lamps. so, I'm reading, and she's running around making as much noise as possible to get me out of bed so I can feed her, when suddenly it goes quiet.... too quiet... I mistakenly believed that perhaps she'd just decided to wait me out, and got so absorbed in my book that I didn't notice what the little scamp was up to until it was too late.

She reached her little paws up into the lamp and unscrewed the light bulb! I don't know how she managed without burning herself on the hot bulb, but the little scamp pulled it off! THANKFULLY the bedroom is carpeted, and the bulb didn't break when it hit the floor, but rest assured: message received. I put my book down, and gave her food before finishing the half a page I had left.


Savannah Super Cat
Just be thankful she doesn't try to eat not only the bulb, but the whole lamp! I swapped out a lamp on my nightstand because Yuki was trying to eat the bulb and now she is biting the entire bell-shade on the replacement! :eek:

And yes, those quiet moments are the calm before the storm.

Keep us posted on your SV's antics!


Staff member
Ha! She knows you wrote about her being lazy and it's payback time. I learned the hard way to be careful what you wish for when it comes to these high energy cats. Never.A.Dull.Moment.


Staff member
My lamps are taped down to the table to avoid getting knocked over - museum wax just wasn't strong enough for those persistent kitties...