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Is Growling Dominance?



From the first day I had Kronos home, he growled when he had something of high value to him. For example, in this video at only 10 weeks old he was growling when playing tug (fast forward to around 43 seconds if you don't want to watch the whole movie):

We always thought it was cute and funny because I never heard of a cat doing this. He still does it, never bites or swats at me, but I worry. Should I not allow him to anymore?


Staff member
OMG - he is so cute, Alisha! None of my cats give me kisses now that rocky is gone :(

As for growling - they growl...Taj does not and Zuri growls if Taj comes near her when she is eating or she is hiding or protecting something...I'll let others weigh in here, but I don't think you can stop them from something that is an inherent trait - if it is, that is...

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
I have one genuine growler here when the wand toys come out....I don't encourage her, because then she starts swatting and hissing at the other cats who want to play too, so I walk away. When I resume playing a few minutes later, she seems to get the hint and will play nice after that :)

I think if Kronos only growls and keeps his hands to himself, then I wouldn't worry....


I have no experience with an F5, but I with an F1.. a play growl can grow into a aggressive growl really fast.. I don't encourage my Kronos to growl cuz he is just too big of a cat if he gets angry .. But The F3 will growl at everyone but will easily back down when challenged. She will just roll over and expect a belly scratch.

I agree with Pam.. as long as he knows his place and keeps the paws down, its all play.


Staff member
I agree...Zuri growls when eating and sometimes hisses at Taj, but that is it...she does not growl while playing or anytime else...except at the vet ;)


Savannah Super Cat
Tegra my f5 is a growler. She is worst while eating. She will run growling at the food bowl grab some and run with it leaving a path of whatever food I am giving her. She is the biggest sweetheart but you do not get in the way when she has food. She seems to growl over every little thing she doesn't like. She takes over dramatic to the next level


Savannah Super Cat
These are really funny stories, thanks for sharing all of them! My kitty actually will sit next to the dog at the front screen door and if she sees something outside that is disturbing, ie: any kind of unfamiliar movement, a bush swaying in the wind, something blowing across the lawn, a person walking on the street, etc. she will growl at it from the door!