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Is Heartworm Prevention Medication Needed?


Savannah Adult
Hi Everyone,
I just wanted to ask the cat experts here whether preventive heartworm medications for cats, such as Revolution, are a necessity. We have 4 strictly indoor cats, and our Veterinary keeps telling us that he would like to see all four of them put on Revolution, which is a heartworm/ flee treatment. Two of my cats were on Revolution for a couple of months, but unfortunately I had to stop due to the high cost of this medication. I'm considering getting all of our four cats back on it, but wanted to ask and get your input first. I've heard mixed opinions about heartworm treatment in cats, so please any advice will be appreciated.
We live in Miami, and our vet says we are at a higher risk due to our tropical weather and mosquitoes.

I have attached a pic of Suwi at the vet's office :)



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Savannah Adult
Thanks for the quick reply. Is Revolution the only option to Heartworm preventive treatment? Does anyone here know of any other available and good options?

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I'm sorry, I only know of Revolution for this. I live in a very low risk area where we rarely see fleas let alone mosquitoes! The chilly fog of San Francisco seems to keep most insects away...

I would be wary of cheap alternatives as not being as effective a medication.

John Popp

Site Supporter
I use revolution as prescribed in the problem months here in Ohio, and stretch things out to 6 weeks after labor day. Once the snow flies I drop it completely until Easter.

Living where you are I don't think I would roll it back much, but I might also look at getting your yard sprayed.


Site Supporter
We use revolution year round. We are in NJ.
It is expensive with three boys, but the MOSQUITOES are vicious here, and the fleas can survive warmer winters, and I don't want to take any chances. I know there are many who do not, and are ok, but we medicate year round.