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Is raw meat safe for young kittens?

Ishani Birch

Savannah Super Cat
This is pure curiosity.

I know kittens don't have a fully developed immune system until they're 12 weeks. Is it safe to feed them raw meat before that?


Staff member
It's safe to feed raw as soon as they're weaned. Even though we call them domesticated, they are still obligate carnivores and can eat the same way that lions and tigers and feral domestics eat.


Staff member
I find it is by far easiest to wean kittens onto raw than any other food type - they go nuts for it!

Trish Allearz

I'd agree with Patti-- raw seems to be the easiest to wean a kitten onto. Even if not raw, I have used boiled chicken as a first step food too-- they just seem more inclined to eating more natural food as a first step versus kibble or wet.