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Is there someone who willling to talk on the phone with someone who lost their cat


Savannah Child
I don’t have Savannah’s. I have bengals. The Bengal forum I used to be a part of doesn’t have much activity anymore. I did post here before, cause I was interested in getting a savannah, but my bengal name Loki died and I couldn’t wait for a savannah to be available. I was just too heart broken to wait, so got another bengal. But I cry al the time because a part of me died with Loki. I miss him so terribly. I had cats my whole life since I was 5 years old. I’m now 45 and I never had such a close bond with any cat like I did with Loki. Maybe there is someone here at this forum who is willing to share there support with me on the phone?


Savannah Super Cat
I am so sorry for your loss.

I hope maybe one of the moderators has found a way to contact you privately...

Personally I am not really comfortable giving out contact info to people I don’t know, and probably many people chatting in an internet group would feel that way. And I am always afraid I might say something stupid that just makes it worse when someone is hurting. But I know what a spreading black hole can open up in our lives when we loose a beloved pet and I feel a lot of sympathy for your grief.

There is a few pet loss grief support groups on Facebook which perhaps might be a good place to share?

I lost an elderly cat about 12 years ago, and for 5 years I couldn’t even look at a kitten or another grey cat without starting to cry. At last I found another kitten but a year and a half ago he died when he was only 8 months old, and that still hurts, but in a different way.

I have since adopted 2 more kittens. One is now a cat. The first was adopted when I was desperate to somewhat soften my grief. I really needed to hold a living kitten and see the continuity of life. He was older and is quite reserved and shy, so it took a while for us to really bond, but we are totally in love with each other now. He is amazingly smart and considerate. The second was adopted largely because the first needed a buddy to play cat games with 6 hours a day. And he is snuggling and pouncing his way into my heart too...even though they are all very different, I kind of like to think that any kitty I treat with love and respect will grow to be my soulmate kitty. And now I have 2!

I hope you can eventually make peace with your loss and and find joy in your new kitty... but it takes time to heal...