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Is this any way to look out a window?


Staff member
Well sure. She simply doesn't want those annoying little squares fuzzying up the view. And it's difficult to put nose prints on the windows with those darn screens in the way.


Savannah Super Cat
also love to see the leaves coming out on your trees :) Your so lucky! They're saying we could get flurries on Friday ... yuk!


Staff member
yes, we had no winter in the northeast...well, no snow for many of us. last week it was in the high 70's, low 80's for many of the flowers are all blooming here. Today it was 70 and yesterday it was 30...go figure :eek:

MK Anderson

Lucky! when we had snow you all had 80 degree weather. I think it's starting to depress me:eek:! Hubby and I are thinking about starting to look in Arizona for when he retires. I want sun all/most of the time I do better. I'm very athletic and like to be outside and here I cant do that much.