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Issues with Bijou


Staff member
Could be something simple, could be something life threatening like an obstruction. I would have had my cat to the vet at day 2.


Site Supporter
I agree with WW. Bijou is adjusting to her new surroundings so her tummy could be having issues as a result. But, considering where she came from, you just don't know what she could have been exposed to. I would get her to the vet ASAP.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I think that is long enough to be concerned enough to get her to the vet. She's probably dehydrated from that and usually that leads to them getting a lot worse fast :-(


Savannah Super Cat
Sorry for not going in to detail on the first post, was on my phone.

So as I mentioned its usually after she wakes up that she vomits. The diarrhea started today, it was actually solid at first, and then it finished in liquid, very little amount.

I talk to Amanda over at A1 about food wise, and she mentioned that cat was eating science diet ideal balance, and I have the same type of food, so I don't think its a food change. The climate from OK to Las Vegas is very different, so that could be having and impact.

I'm also curious about her eating habits. She is constantly eating, it seems all hours of the day she is snacking on food. She is acting normal, or as she did when she came in about a week ago.


Staff member
You still need to bring her to the vet Drew... No matter what... Cats hide illnesses well... Could she have gotten into something?


Savannah Super Cat
She will definitely be at the vet by Saturday regardless if it clears up or not, I can't get her there any time before then. I'll pull the food up, just want to make sure she is not hungry during the day when I'm gone.