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It is hard to Believe.... 10 Years ago Today (Elsa)

John Campbell

Site Supporter
Staff member
Today is Elsa's 10th Birthday... She is doing well and acts like she is 3. She is doing very well and very healthy... Short of an early and nearly deadly to the start of her life she has really prospered and become quite a lady... She is celebrating her Birthday very relaxed. Today we watched a movie and later on she will have a (Fresh) Turkey Snack.

I really hate seeing the years adding up, but she is taking them in stride and is quite the lady... She is very easy to get along with anyone that comes along with 1 Exception... If you ever visit her "DON'T SIT ON ONE OF THE WOODEN STOOLS". Those are hers and she knows it and it is a most certain smack (with claws)... Excluding that, she gets along with everyone, and will allow anyone (Except my niece) to pet her. She stays with me no matter where I go, she follows me around just like a little puppy dog. She loves to take trips, but she does not like short travels (Afraid she is going to the vet). We have plans to take her flying sometime in the future in my plane... But we will have to see how that goes... I plan to take her in her carrier and just run the engine to get her used to it, then maybe taxi around a little bit. Do that a few times before she actually goes Gear Up!

My Niece tried to sit on one of her stools and that was all it took... She smacked her Leg telling her to move... She hollered out "ELSA then on, she never would have anything to do with her... Other than that.. She loves everyone... Moral of the story.. If you ever visit her and her Wooden Stool is there... "DON'T SIT ON IT!" LOL