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Jackson"s Long Road Home


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Made A choice today on witch baby to adopt. Thought I"d move this thread from introduction to here. Now we start a long 11 week wait untill we can go get him. We decided to call him Jackson but It"ll be Jax for short. Will get weekly pics to show his growth so that should help.(a little anyway)


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Thanks Patti,,,,,,,It was like other people have said,,,,,the wife and I both knew it when we saw that little face!


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What a cute little guy. Jax is gonna drive you crazy waiting for him to grow up enough to come live with you. We will wait with you, ambro


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Rafiki,,,,Yes I will upload pics as I get them. Should be every week or ten days. Ill put them on this thread as it will show Jax"s "long road home". Also yes I think Eddie"s is from the same breeder. Thanks all for your kind words and I"m sure you"ll see a lot of me around here! Never seen so much great info on any site like this! 11 days down,,,,,,,73 days to go!!!!LOL!!!


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Oh boy, already counting the days... you will have to fill your 'empty' time shopping for all things cat and Savannah related. And keep us updated with the pics as they come in!!