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Jake, "Elsa's Best Friend", Passes

John Campbell

Site Supporter
Staff member
It is with great sorrow to announce that yesterday (Nov 17, 2015) Jake Passes away....

Jake was his own breed of dog who I rescued as a pup. Jake was Born on March 2nd 15 years ago and would have been 16 this year... In the past year Jake had been slowing down with Vision and Hearing Problems and also had some mild arthritis, but he could still get along pretty good... Yesterday he dropped way down and just stopped eating, and he passed away without pain and in his sleep.


One of Jake's favorite things was chewing on a good T-Bone and the only dog I have ever seen that would chew on a bone while wearing a Bib.


Jake also enjoyed relaxing on the couch while watching TV... He was quite a ham and a great friend.

When Elsa came to Join me and Jake, they got a long great, and always have.... They played together quite frequently.

He was a Great Dog and I will miss him immensly.


Staff member
John this is not unexpected, I've been dreading this post, but it is nonetheless heartbreaking. Jake and Elsa are such a strong force on this forum. He was such a good boy and you and he and Elsa were fortunate to have each other to love. RIP sweet Jake.

Elsa will mourn in her own way John. Hold onto and love each other through this loss.



Staff member
John, I am so sorry to hear about Jake :-( How very sad! Jake was such a special boy and we loved hearing about him as well and he and Elsa - he will be forever ingrained on this forum! I am glad you had him for so long - he lived a long and happy life with you, so please no regrets!

We will miss Jake immensely - RIP Jake! And please take care John! I know how devastating this must be for you - and Elsa!


Animal Communicator
I'm so sorry John. His passing sounds beautiful in its own right, at home and surrounded by those he loved. You and Elsa are in my thoughts and prayers <3

John Campbell

Site Supporter
Staff member
Thanks for everyone's comments, they really help.... I know that Elsa knew something was wrong... Yesterday she went to check on him at least once an hour, would sniff and lick him on the nose... His room was the Bathroom that I shower in... That was the room he chose and that was the room he got... He like the cool tile floor.... Everyday after I shower they both coming running and always get into the shower as I am getting out.... Today, Elsa would not go into the Bathroom at all.... Not even after I was totally out of the shower... They know more than people give them credit for and she has been spending a lot more time with me... Which was a lot to begin with...

I will miss him, but the way I see it... It is only temporary as when my time comes to pass I will be up there celebrating with Jake, Sylvester, and all my other wonderful past pets.... But it is sure killing me now!


Site Supporter
I am so sorry John, my sincere condolences to you, Elsa, and your family. I strongly believe in an afterlife for all living creatures and that we will be with our beloved animal friends again. My thoughts and prayers are with you.


Site Supporter
I am so very sorry to receive this news John. Jake was such a good boy and an awesome companion to both you and Elsa. Thanks to Elsa, we on the forum were privileged to get to know Jake as well. He will be sorely missed. My prayers and thoughts are with you and Elsa.


Reincarnated cat Moderator
John my friend, I am so very sad to hear this. Jake had a great life with you and Elsa. Elsa had him for only a short time, but it was all of her adult life. I am so sorry for your loss.
Rest well Jake. The pain is gone.
Prayers to you and Elsa , John. Love 2


Savannah Super Cat
This is so sad, I understand the loss you feel. We lost our male Mastiff the weekend before halloween. This caused his "sister" to go into depression and she chewed her tail up pretty badly. She has not known a day without him.
The only positive is that it led us to bringing home our newest family member, an F5 female kitten, to keep her company. The chewing has ceased and is healing and all is going well with the two of them.
Sorry for your loss. They may be gone, but never forgotten.