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James Dino Martini

John Popp

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I am so proud of my big boy Dino. He is extremely sweet, playful and the best of big brothers to Dooley. He's incredibly graceful and light on his feet. He has super hops, lands elegantly and always softly. He'll sneak jump to your shoulder without ever revealing his claws, and even without the support of catching him someway manages to drape himself over your shoulder without harm.

His coat every day seems to become more golden and he has lots of fantastic serval characteristics. He has a great deal of length and is as lean as they come. Lots of serval traits and characteristics, while being completely social with guests and even strangers. Couldn't of asked for anything more.

I bring all this up as 3 months ago he was a holy terror. Nothing was safe, he was incredibly needy and refused to sleep for more than two hours at a time. Doors needed barricaded so turning the knob was fruitless, yet that only meant trying to find a different way to create some new sounds and carnage.

Enter Dooley, and Dino everyday just becomes sweeter. Like a switch, he became the big brother and sets the perfect example. Not to say that there isn't a fair amount of Savannah tricks going on, but most of his and his brothers energy is spent playing with one another. Just the way it's supposed to work.



Staff member
It's great to hear how well Dino is settling down now that he has his little brother to expend all his pent up energy on - it's not just us humans who can't settle for just one Savannah! ;)


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That is so awesome, John! Really glad to hear Dino is settling Dien and being such a good big brother!

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