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Jealousy in multipet homes?


Savannah Super Cat
As we get settled I'm noticing Jengo acting hissy with our new baby. I noticed it occurred just after community play time. Saturday it got so bad I separated him into his happy place and I sat with him, gave him treats and played with him solo so he could feel special. Yesterday I noticed anything Bizley (formerly Wiggles) played with Jengo wanted. When they got treats Jengo would take them from Biz. So again I waited for Biz to nap and took Jengo upstairs for special time.

Call me insane but I think it's jealousy because if I'm outside I can see then interacting just fine. They eat together, play with each other, sleep with each other...they are getting along well when I'm not on the mix. Jengo gets upset when I interact with Biz.

I'm making a point to have time with each of them every day by themselves. Any advice? It must occur often in multi-pet homes. I like that they are bonding and getting along and don't want to undo our awesome progress.

Sidebar - Jengo is known for having play aggression. He will bite and try to wrestle my hand but I give him a big toy to play with and he gets it out of his system. Jengo is invited to be a part of all of Biz's play and gets the same treats/attention pettings. I think Jengo is being territorial when I'm around but he isn't like that when I'm not.


Staff member
It very well could be jealousy and you are doing the right thing by giving Jengo time alone with you...

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Chris Elliott

Savannah Super Cat
I'm seeing the same thing with Ziggy and Oni. They both would strongly prefer to have me to themselves.

Ziggy still hisses at my wife, Carolyn, and I think it's jealousy there also.

I'm trying to give all of them alone time (Carolyn included)!


Staff member
There's nothing insane about your observations at all. Jealousy between cats is not uncommon. I think giving Jengo special attention is very important. You might also consider clicker training - there are some techniques developed specifically to train cats to get along with each other. There is a cat clicker Yahoo group as well as several books written on the topic:

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I think it can be a bit like the jealous toddler when you bring home the new baby... their nose is out of joint. You have to be sure to make the first kitty feel special even though the new kitty is so interesting... just be patient and keep working with them.


Savannah Super Cat
Jengo's tail gets twisted easily. He one stood on the bed and yelled at my boyfriend for several minutes meowing as loud as he could and wouldn't let him in bed. It's funny HE can play with Bizley but I dare not give Biz the same toy "opportunity" or time because he gets upset. Jengo has played the last few days like he hasn't played in months. Lots of leaping, jumping and showing off. Special time seems to be helping. He was much better yesterday.

Thanks for the clicker info, I will work with both of them on that.

Jengo is a very passive aggressive cat. I've seen him get upset and take it out on a toy or scratch post before. He will attempt to lure me away from friends if they are over after awhile. He peeks around the corner and meows and I'll go see what he wants and he will try to lead me away from the "scary" people. If that doesn't work he literally walks as close to the wall as he can will cross over and nip my calves under the table. If I have a client over he walks into my dance room and stays as far away from them as possible and will throw himself down for cuddles. I think he only hisses and smacks Biz because he can. In turn, Biz takes it but I don't want him to feel bullied.

On a side note they kept me up all night with endless chasing of each other and wrestling. Lol! They. Other eventually slept like babies :)