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Just purchased an F2 *Cheers*

Todd L

Savannah Super Cat
Ok, So theres no words to explain the excitement my wife and I have right now. We have been wanting to add one more savannah to our family and been paitently waiting for the right one to come around.

Well that day happened yesterday. We found our new baby and purchased him yesterday. We wont be picking him up for a couple weeks but hes paid for so I know no one else can get him. =)

Does anyone have any words of wisdom when it comes to F2's vs. Our F5 sbt? Other than a raw diet is there anything different I need to do?

Thanks for any thoughts you all may have.

Oh my wife and I have are naming him Tut. So we will have King Tut and Pharaoh. =) Hopefully they like each other. Thats another issue i have. Any thoughts on how to introduce the 2 savannahs would be greatly appreciated.


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MK Anderson

What a beautiful boy! congrats to you all! is this Richards boy?

Todd L

Savannah Super Cat
Yes it is. I saw a posting 3 days ago that he had 2 savannah f2 males still for sale. So i requested some pictures and yesterday we purchased him.

Richard seems to be a very good breeder. Were so excited!

Todd L

Savannah Super Cat
Glad to hear that. =) Yes both of them are very cute. Unfortunately we already have 1 savannah and only wanted one more. I hope Richard finds the other kitten a home soon! I sure he wont have an issue there!

Todd L

Savannah Super Cat
Again anyone with recommendations on how i should introduce my 2 savannahs would be much appreciated. I sure my breeder will have suggestions but i like to have all the advice i can get. =)

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member

Introductions should be slow, play it by ear if all seems great...but be prepared to do it gradually. Always do the two week quarantine period, not just for infection reasons but also to allow the kitten to bond to you first before he meets his kitty friends.

Todd L

Savannah Super Cat
Ok here lies the problem. I live in a Loft. its one big 4200 squarefoot room in a historic building. I have no bedroom. Only room I have is a bathroom. And i dont think its fair to the kitty to be cooped up for 2 weeks in a bathroom. I have an 8x8x8 foot cat enclosure i can put the kitten in but my F5 will be able to c him as it has a plexy glass front side. Would this be sufficent?


and his servant, Paul
Congrats on your purchase! As for what to feed him, use whatever the breeder was using at first. I've switched my F2 to a different wet/dry diet than the breeder provided, but he's still growing like a worm!

Edit: A room with plexiglass? That is /perfect/. There's no harm to the cats seeing each other or even smelling each other; it's just that you don't want them touching each other.