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King 'O The Castle



Aaaaahhhhhh...............thank you all for the kind words. He is everything I wanted, and more. Biiiggg personality, loyal, talkative, playful, smart, inquisitive, AFFECTIONATE, good natured. Anyone thinking about an F1 should go ahead. I can't explain, but there's nothing like an F1. More loyal and playful than the best hunting dog. When I come home after being out for a short time, he gets so excited and puffed up. I get down to his level and allow him to lick or bite my nose. One more good thing about him: he sheds almost not at all!

jcanulla.....Louie is 14 months, and I haven't weighed him in about 3 months. He has definitely filled-out over the last few months. I don't know if he's gotten any longer or taller, and don't know if any more stretching occurs after about 10 months. He's on the small end of the scale for an F1 male, and I'll measure and weigh him again in another few months. I estimate that he put on maybe 1.5 pounds over last couple months, which would put him at a little over 15 pounds.
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OH MY regal looking! You have every right to be a proud dad! Best part is you both make each other happy!


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Joe, Louie looks great! What a gorgeous, gorgeous boy! And he looks so happy! Sounds like a match made in heaven :p