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Kitten Approval of SVCatChat...

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
Came in this morning to a dozen opened windows all with the same . figured this means they approve of the site and now to work out if they were posting also. They also turned on the remote system to blast music in our dining room :)

The culprit is obviously the girls, mostly I would blame the mel girl as she is the one that figures everything out quickly ...she most definitely has the full complement of Kirembo naughtiness!


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Staff member
That is hysterical Brigitte!!! And that photo is adorable!! What a naughty savannah that mel girl is, although I do think they all had a hand in it ;)

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
Brigitte I didn't realize you were the face behind Kirembo. I think one of your past girls may be Leia's grandma if I've investigated her past correctly!

If you are in Canada, then I'm guessing her grandma is Khandi from Wildstreak? One of the sweetest, prettiest girls we ever had here (I still can't forgive hubby for persuading me to let her go! LOL!)...


Savannah Super Cat
I was going to say, you have another litter? Then I looked at the date.

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