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Kitten Eating Problems


Savannah Super Cat
So we pick Kato up Thursday afternoon. We had a long ride home and he didn't eat at all on the way home nor when he got home. He didn't eat any of his food during the night and the next morning when we replaced it still nothing. So we bottle feed him that morning and night and he was on that thing like white on rice. Day two same thing refuses to eat any of his wet or dry food but still wants the bottle. ANY SUGGESTIONS.

Feeding Purina One Healthy Kitten Dry and Purina Pro Plan Chicken and Liver Entree We 1604699_828342093858898_1082918428_n.jpg t also using some Gerber Stage 2 chicken with chicken gravy. His formula is Naturall-C


Savannah Super Cat
He is a little over 9 weeks old, and the only reason he is given a bottle is for bonding and because he still enjoys them.

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John Popp

Site Supporter
OK, I assume then you are bottle feeding some sort of kitten formula prescribed by the breeder. We'll leave that as a separate issue.

For wet food, make sure the food is at room temperature and try using something shallow like a small paper plate. The paper plates work great for kittens as you try to get dialed in on how much they are eating and are probably feeding them 4 times a day.

Make sure the wet food is in little balls and something the breeder was feeding your kitten. Changing diet at this time wouldn't be prudent.

Some plain yogurt and boiled chicken (without skin) wouldn't be a bad call because I am pretty sure you are going to see some digestive issues.

Lastly, get this cat to a vet today if you can't get them to eat this morning. You don't need to be facing these same issues tomorrow without professional help and an emergency Sunday Animal Hospital definitely isn't where you want to be.
9 weeks of age is pretty young to let a kitten leave home. TICA recommends 12 weeks. I hope he had a health certificate and at least his first shot. I understand the wanting to bond but putting a kitten into a home where the new owner may not know how to properly bottle feed is not the best in my opinion. They can easily aspirate if you do not do it properly. Was he eating any food at the breeders home? My recommendation would be to cook up some nice chicken breast (no skin, no bone) and shred it for him. Feed it to him when nice and warm as they love the smell of fresh cooked chicken. I would put a small bit of dry food and mix it in also and add some of the milk formula on top. This should get him eating on his own. Are you using the same milk formula that the breeder was using? If you have to feed him some of this by hand. Once he gets a taste of it he should eat on his own. Hope this helps.


Savannah Super Cat
Well he finally ate and all the food he is receiving is the same the breeder was giving down to the formula. It just took a little to "prime his pump" started with the baby food and got him eating then added the dry on top and he ended up eating a handful of dry and three baby food jars!

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I am concerned for your baby. They cannot go very long without eating before a disaster can happen at this young age. When I bottle feed my own kittens, by the time they are 3 weeks of age I am adding ground dry food to their formula as it makes it much thicker, gets them started on dry without knowing it, much less chance for aspiration, and keeps them full much longer. Your kitten was probably ravenous by the time you finally gave him his bottle, but he would need to be drinking about 6 to 8 oz every 4 hours. You cannot just bottle 2 times a day. He must eat!