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Kitten Eating Problems

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
Sorry for not going and finding that link but thanks to Deb for doing so :)

You'll see on the website why I knew this... a few months ago Kristine and I sent her one of our studs (as we were not using him enough) and he's already sired one litter on the ground and apparently managed to do the deed with some F1s now also! Go Brazzi!

Brazzi has the most wonderful loving temperament and passed that on to his kittens he had here...


Staff member
If you click on "reply" to my post, it will quote me :)

it may be better to start to make contact with some of the UK breeders as I am not sure how up to date their websites are...
Cynthia of Wicca also has an F1 and a couple of F2s, and I believe is expecting kittens fairly soon. Don't get confused with the Siamese on the website - she breeds both breeds, but not to each other!