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Kitten friendly harness



I went to Petco the other day to find a walking jacket for my domestic and they had some kitten friendly ones. I was wondering if anyone has tried these? I had asked before when it was best to start training them to be on a leash, and the answer was 6 months so I didn't want to buy the kitten harness if it would harmful!


Staff member
I started walking Taj at 4 months - the earlier the better IMO. I don't think a kitten harness would be harmful at all...I still have his kitten jacket ;)

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I personally wouldn't wait until 6 months of age, the earlier the better imho. I start kittens here at ~7-8 weeks when they reach a size that can fit the XSmall size of walking jacket. I find if I start them early they get over the shock of being "confined" by something around their body faster...

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
See if your pet store has mesh ferret or rabbit harnesses....mine carries them in 3 sizes. I use them to acclimate kittens at about 6 weeks old; when they are used to that, I introduce the heavier walking jackets. And yes, the earlier the better! Don't be surprised or alarmed if your kitten lies down with the harness as if in a straight jacket, or even runs around; he'll get over it, but keep an eye on him so he doesn't run and crash into something (as mine sometimes do). Don't leave it on too long at first, maybe 20 minutes initially, then gradually increase the time he wears it, and do put it on him frequently so it becomes second nature. I have a few who get really excited when they see me get out the jacket; they know they might be going for a walk :)


agreed with the rest! The earlier the better. I started Keljin at 4months as well, with a guinea pig mesh harness and that worked great for his kittenhood. It is getting small now so I've gotta start looking for a new one :) I would practice putting it on him in the house for 20 min at a time, and he would just lie down and be sooo upset. and when he did try to walk, he would stiffen up his arms so funny and walk like a robot kitty. After a few weeks of practice and increasing it to an hour or so with the jacket, he was maneuvering like a normal kitten inside the house again with jacket (running/jumping, balanced, coordinated) Once I was confident in his comfort with the jacket, then it was time to start taking him outside!


Oh wow! Lots of replies! Thanks everyone! I'll stop by on my way home and pick one up then!