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Kitten licking anus and litter issues

Hi everyone,
Hoping someone might have some insight into some concerns we are having with an F5 Savannah kitten (4 months old).
She was using the litter box normally until about 2 weeks ago when she appeared to have an irritated anus and started licking it frequently. She then stopped using the litter boxes altogether (for both urine and stool). She has been taken to 2 different vets on multiple occasions, but no clear answers. The fecal tests came back negative and her stool appears normal (no diarrhea). Pain meds, switching food and litter, and confining her to smaller space did not help either. Owners are pretty stressed out because she is peeing/pooping everywhere and the vets are just saying they have to wait it out. Any ideas?
Thank you!


Staff member
If they switched litter that might be the issue. I'm not sure about the licking, etc. I assume she is has been ruled out for constipation and/or bladder infection? Also they should try Dr. Elsey's Cat Attract litter or additive to see if that will encourage her to use her box. They should try adding a second litter box if they haven't already.


Site Supporter
I'd also check if they are used hooded or closed boxes and suggest a switch to open ones. The licking could be due to her having eaten something that irritated her on the way out, which may also explain her sudden dislike of using the box. Just a thought...