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Kitten Misses Meals Sometimes



Here's a newbie question: does it happen sometimes that a kitten will turn his nose up at his food on some days? In this case, he makes scratching motions as if he wants to bury his dish, as in "feces".


In my experience, the burying motion is VERY normal and the turning up his nose isn't too unusual. My F5 stud doesn't care for wet food or chicken and often skips mealtime... He only likes to eat kibble... He's an odd one...


Savannah Super Cat
Kovu does this a lot. I usually put his food out while I'm cooking dinner in hopes that he'll stop bothering me while I'm trying to cook. Sometimes he eats right away, sometimes he "buries" it & then will go back and eat it once we've all sat down for dinner. There have been a couple times where he just didn't eat all together, but that doesn't happen very often.


Staff member
Try another food...kittens/cats are finicky and he is telling you he wants something else ;)


I think the best way to figure out if they are just not hungry or if something else is going on(don't like the food, upset tummy) is to offer their favorite...after they refuse the first food. If they go for the have a spoiled baby that will hold out to get what they want;>) LOL i will say most will try to feed a new baby more often than they are willing or able to eat;>)