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Kitten on raw and i notice the difference right away


Savannah Super Cat
So i got my new f3 baby girl Saturday. She was on canned and dry, mostly dry food. first couples days she only ate dry. i put some of the dry food on top of the raw and she would go for the dry but accidentally eat the raw. now shes eating all raw. i was scared she wouldnt like it cause she didnt eat any at first but i think she was just nervous to eat anything.

So i totally forgot what horrible cat poop and pee smells like since I've had my other two cats on raw since day 1. My god i couldn't believe such stinkyness was coming from that lil girl. she pees so much more now and before she was drinking a lot of water before and poops less.

Her energy level almost doubled. She was energetic before but now its thru the roof. before id wear her out easy with play now she wears me out.

I forgot what big of a difference it makes when they make that switch to raw.


Staff member
My SVs were on raw from day 1. However, 8 yrs ago I converted my 2 DSHs from kibble to raw and I too was amazed at the change in their physical condition. I was very skeptical about all the beneficial changes that a raw diet was supposed to cause until I saw it with my own eyes. They both dropped from unhealthy to healthy weights, had tons more energy -- and these were 10 & 12 yr old cats. Their coats also changed -- the colors became more vibrant, dandruff went away, and their fur was super super glossy. When I saw all of those changes, I became a zealous advocate of raw diets.


Savannah Super Cat
Same thing for me. They rarely even get more than one or 2 fleas, which I comb out. Super healthy.


My cats all love raw. I feed Royal Canin and raw. They grow better, they are healthier and they just seem to feel better with raw food. I think it is how cats are meant to eat.


Savannah Super Cat
I dont think i could ever do canned or dry cause of the smell of both the food and the after math. i hate the smell of canned cat food. it smells so strong and even stronger coming out the other end.

The breeder told me to keep dry out at all times but i work 5 miles from my house so going back and feeding her is no problem. also the wife works from home 2-3 days a week so shes there to feed her. after smelling her dry / canned food poops i cant ever go back lol.


Savannah Super Cat
Thats why I LOVED Kovu on raw & am trying to get him back on it! He had SO much more energy, actually slimmed down a bit, and his poop had almost zero smell! When the vet had him put on Hill's for G.I. problems a few weeks ago.. OMG, the smell was terrible. Glenn & I were 99% that it had expired or something, but nope. I have no idea how he chooses that crap over fresh raw!

John Popp

Site Supporter
Our kitten didn't make a good transition to premium canned food. The breeder had him on raw and Royal Canin kibble with implicit instructions on how to slowly transition him to canned food over a two week period. That didn't go well at all with plenty of GI issues and I set the course for getting him back on Raw.

The first batch of raw was a real chore, made with a whole chicken, organs, a meat cleaver and a food processor. Not advisable but these things always seem to peak on a Saturday evening or a Sunday when the only options are the Emergency Clinic. It didn't even take 24 hours for his loose stools to start clearing up and he has been in excellent health since. Shiny coat, active and continues to eat less and less of his on demand kibble.

Same day I also ordered a grinder and bought all the additional nutrients and vitamins needed for his raw food.

Hopefully his raw diet will help him recover a little quicker from his hip surgery and I'm sure having raw bones ground with his food will help. All three of our cats are now on a raw diet and although one was more temperamental than the other, inside of two weeks they were totally on raw. The fussiest of the eaters despite turning her nose at the food at first, settled in when she quickly discovered the other cats had the same food in their dishes. Took about a week for her to figure it out that she didn't need to go on an expedition to get her food and she has been content ever since.


Savannah Super Cat
The huge difference I am seeing in our kittens is the growling and chirping. They seem more active as well but I have never heard hissing before today!! We just started feeding them raw since yesterday morning!

cheech and anna

Savannah Adult
i'm trying so hard to give my 2 monsters raw, but trying to hold and chop the stuff with both eyes closed and 2 very hungry f5's trying to climb legs, i do agree the smell after eating canned food, eeeek, such sweet kitties, such a lethal smell, i give mine Cosma brand, very high meat content, best i have tried so far, but i will try to covert them.....


If I don't listen to your advice in the future, give me 1K slashes with a wet noodle! My new food grinder, bought from Harbor Freight, is now disabled! I was advised to get the Tasin, but noooooooo. now the piece we need is discontinued, all the local stores have sold out of grinders of any kind, and I have two large packages of chicken thighs to grind. Tasin is ordered, but won't be here in time. I am boiling the chicken to mix in with the raw at a later date.