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Kitten proofing -- stop putting it off


Savannah Super Cat

I just wanted to share a story of warning as it's been a long week for the kids and me. Last week, I spent three days on the couch with severe flu and bronchitis. During this same time, the boys went off to the vet for their neutering appointments Tuesday, only to return home with tons of energy in spite of being locked in a small space. There were head butts and purrs for everyone, and I considered myself extremely lucky that they came out of their surgeries with no problems. Wednesday morning, I decided to take a shower and head back to the doctor for me as I couldn't imagine feeling more rotten. When I returned to my room, I found Cappy in the middle of a small mountain of Advil from an easy-open bottle he had knocked off a high shelf. Normally paranoid of anything they could get into, I'd accidentally left it out in the midst of my illness. Needless to say, both boys were in their carrier and on their way to the vet, Mom crying the whole way.

Cappy and Lucky were in the hospital for two days, and I have no doubt they were miserable with so many tests, IVs, and concoctions forced into them. Luckily, I have great vets and they took every precaution to make sure they were ok. At the end of the day, they most likely didn't eat anything and tests show no damage to their kidneys or other systems. However, this story could have ended much worse.

It only takes one slip up -- double check your house when you have a chance. This cost me $1500, but it could have cost me so much more in grieving if something had happened to one of my kids because I was careless.

They had a guardian angel that day!


Staff member
Awwww, Amanda, what a week. I'm so sorry you had such a huge scare and I hope you're on the way to recovering from the flu.


Staff member
Amanda, hope this week is a much better one and you are on the road to recovery!

Thank you for this post as sometimes we need reminding of just how one little slip up can result in disaster. Don't be too hard on yourself - these things happen and you were feeling terrible yourself. Luckily all is well and the boys are fine!

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
Wow, Amanda! I am so sorry you have had the week from hell. Hopefully you are feeling better soon!

I am happy to hear they are fine after that and the boys definitely had your guardian angel looking out that day :)

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
I can only imagine your horror when you found that opened bottle of Advil, I'd have freaked out exactly the same! As you say, better to be safe and keep your kitties alive by getting to the vet asap!

I have occasionally in the past had similar freakouts, but over my cat and dog's medication. I have two that have conditions requiring twice daily meds... just last week, someone knocked Bobo's 7-day medication container off the dresser and one day's compartment spilled open ...when I found it, I couldn't find the two Pimobendan (heart medication) pills inside and as they are the chewable ones I was deathly afraid someone had eaten them... I was panicked and about to call my vet when I spied them rolled under another piece of furniture and cannot tell you how relieved I felt. It's always my fear they will get into something like that.

Very thankful that your story has a happy ending, and I hope you feel much better soon!

John Popp

Site Supporter
I certainly don't need any more tragedies with two convalescing cats. Thanks for the reminder and I'm glade everything turned out OK!


Staff member
Amanda, thank you so much for posting this. I think it is so easy to think 'it couldn't happen to me' but as you so clearly point out - no one, no system is perfect, there can always be found a chink in the armor that can lead to potential disaster. I am so glad to hear your babies are safe - I hope this serves as a heads up to people to take a survey their homes with a critical eye and look for those potential dangers so that disaster can be prevented.


Savannah Super Cat
Thanks for all the kind words. I don't think I've ever had that kind of fear for a pet before. My husband and I are spending the next two years apart for his job, and we see each other most weekends. The thought of losing these guys, these happy little creatures who greet me every night when I come home, was just overwhelming. I will take them in within the next week to have the renal tests done one more time to make sure there's no damage.

For reference for someone else (God forbid this happen to anyone), here's a step-by-step rundown of what the vet did with the advice of animal poison control:
  • Have each kitten ingest 1 tsp of sodium peroxide to induce vomiting as soon as possible after possible ingestion.
  • Within half an hour of giving sodium peroxide, regardless of outcome, give each cat charcoal to coat their stomach and GI system, as well as help neutralize anything still in their stomachs.
  • Each kitten received two IV bags of fluid per day the whole time they were at the vet. They also had fluids inserted under their skin ahead of coming home to make sure they were well hydrated.
  • Each kitten had a full workup of vital signs and blood work (including renal function tests) at the end of each day.
  • Each kitten was given 1/4 tablet of pepcid, dissolved in 12 ml of water, every morning and evening to coat their stomachs. This continued the first day they were at home at the same time they ate.
It only takes one advil to kill or permanently harm your cat, so it's important to act quickly. If you can get sodium peroxide in them ahead of leaving for the vet, time is of the essence. I hope none of you ever need this!