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Kitten Walking Sling/Carriers


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image.jpg Hi all! We are about to get our F2 snow savannah Ramsay in March. I want to bring him with me when I am out and about so he can become socialized with people and animals. I don't feel comfortable in these situations to leash/harness walk (this is saved for exercise on a known and safe path). I have searched the internet for the ideal carrier but everything is tailored to dogs or puppies. Does anyone have a tried and true carrier/sling/pouch for bringing a 12+ week old kitten along for a safe and secure outing? This model I found seems nice & has an internal short leash to attach to Ramsay's harness to prevent escape. I just can't find any feedback for kittens/cats.


Savannah Kitten
I've used something like this before: carrying sling
Just remember that a 12 week old kitten will only stay 12 weeks old for a week, so be sure to get something that will accommodate a growing youngster. The sling you posted looks a little on the small side...
I found that most of the items go by weight. The one I posted is rated up to 10 lbs, but you are right about the size issue. I have no problem buying something more accommodating when he gets larger. I just want him to feel confident and secure in his first outings. After he becomes acclimated to going out and used to his leash and harness I might be able to get something less constrictive. I do really like that design that you posted though. I think I might just go with that, it seems better. Thanks! If anyone else has any info on any others just let me know, I will order at the end of the month.
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I'm guessing it will more depend upon your kitten's, rather than on your preference of design. You just won't know until you pop the kitty in if he's going to take to it or not. Probably best to introduce him to it gradually as with anything else in his young life. If he loves it, you have a hit!