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Kitten with murmur?


Savannah Child
So we went ahead and got a new kitten who should be getting here tomorrow. We got the word today that he has a small murmur. Vet said it could go away in time? I guess my question is if we should follow through and get him or if we should just get our money back. Please need some input


Staff member
This is a tough call Kapp. Do you have a contract with a health guarantee? If so, what does it say about returning the kitten if it is found to be ill? Usually the contract states that the owner has 72 hrs to get the kitten checked at the vet. Your vet could confirm that the murmur is insignificant or that it signals a bigger problem. You need to be sure of your options via the contract. The rest is up to you. I can only say that from my personal experience taking possession of 2 kittens with minor health issues that were easily resolved, I would not do it again and would insist on a kitten in perfect health.


Savannah Child
We'll we were told this info by the breeder. The breeder was going to hand deliver the kitten. They were nice enough to tell us about the issue when they found out today from their vet, and said we can have a full refund or they would give us the kittwn for half price.. We've been waitin for him for 2 months now, two days away and get hit with this. We have a child with a heart murmur and we spend thousands each year just to keep an eye on it. The vet said it could go away, so I would think it couldn't be that big of a concern if he didn't want to run more tests?


Staff member
I'm not a vet so I can't offer an opinion. But the vet said that it "could" go away not that it "would" go away. That means to me there is the possibility that it won't go away. There is some good info here and here

You can get a 2nd opinion from your vet or from a cardiac specialist if you have one in your area. Then you can make a better informed decision about whether or not to keep the cat. You have to evaluate what it will mean to you if the kitten turns out to have a serious condition.

Chris Elliott

Savannah Super Cat
Oni, my Bengal, was surrendered to a shelter. The vet that saw her there reported a heart murmur. Once she was here and settled, it seems to have gone away. My vet says that heart murmurs in cats can be triggered by stress and dehydration, and resolve once the issue is gone.

Has the kitten had any stressful changes at the breeder or become dehydrated due to warmer temperatures or other changes?


Savannah Child
I honestly don't know. I just think as much as we've fallen in love, that love could turn real hard in a few years if it becomes a problem. It could be nothing, but it could be very serious, I guess some real tests would have to be done in the future to know for sure.


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My last cat had a murmur. It did not go away but was often hard to detect. We never had any problems as a result of it. However, any medical treatments were much more complicated. When she was older, she started having issues with her teeth. To clean her teeth would have required having the cardiac doctor there. Fortunately, the abscessed tooth took care of itself. That being said, I put her to sleep one week before her 21st birthday so overall, it did not impact her much at all.


Staff member
I know it seems that you have suddenly been hit by this information but in truth murmurs can be hard to pick up in young kittens because their hearts are beating so fast, so not surprising if it wasn't detected sooner. Many murmurs that are detected are essential murmurs meaning they are benign and the kitten grows out of them. However, without an echocardiogram (heart ultrasound) you just can't know for sure. How old is the kitten? If under four months a vet would likely recommend waiting until it is older to get the echo since as they grow older their hearts slow down so it's easier to see on the ultrasound. Even if it's normal or equivocal at this young age a repeat echo at one year of age will probably be recommended.

As far as what you should do - I know it's tough but you will have to make a decision. It sounds like the breeder has given you two very reasonable options, you need to follow your heart and decide which is best for you. I have had two kittens found with murmurs of varying severity, both grew out of them. However, there are others on the forum who have had kittens with murmurs that turned into serious and chronic medical conditions... again you just can't know without further testing. I imagine this is what the breeder will do if you choose not to take the kitten.

The Kasbah

How old is the kitten? I ask because our vet detected a slight murmur (Level I) in one of our 12-week old kittens, when we took him in to get his health certificate prior to shipping to his new home.

Although we have no history of heart issues in our lines, our vet and I made the decision to delay delivery to his new owner for another month. A month later, at his appointment with our vet, there was no trace of heart murmur whatsoever and we sent him on to his forever home.

Upon arrival, no murmur was detected by his new owner's vet all is well.

Perhaps it would behoove everyone involved to wait a few more weeks and have a recheck. According to our vet, often waiting that additional month allows the kitten a bit more time to develop and at the end of the day, there is no issue.

Perhaps this is also a reasonable option for you and your Breeder to consider.

Although you said the murmur was slight, you have not indicated whether the kittens murmur was diagnosed as a Level I, II, III or this may also be a very good question to ask.

A Level I Murmur in an infant is often considered benign...but if the murmur is a II - IV, you may be dealing with a whole different ballgame...and therefore I'd ask that question, perhaps ask to speak with the Breeders Vet to glean more information first hand prior to moving forward with your purchase and also ask for copies of the vet records to confirm diagnosis...all reasonable requests to my mind, as the kitten has been paid for an IS yours, barring a change in plans in the event of physcial defect.

Good luck!

Trish Allearz

Kittens like puppies like infants can have benign heart murmurs they grow out of. One of my f2 boys had one at his neuter at twelve weeks and it was gone at sixteen weeks. I've had puppies grow out of them too. You're right. You may be going down a tough road, but imho, that could happen at any time anyways. If you're in love, I'd go forward, but I believe that the right kitten is the right kitten and the breeder is being honest and honorable.

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