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Kitty cold?


Savannah Super Cat
I took my baby to the vet for his last kitty shot and another check up. He has a little sneeze which the vet said shall pass. His temperature is normal and stool samples came back with no problems. He is gaining weight at a good rate and overall he has a clean bill of health, but he makes this hacking noise a lot. It almost sounds like a hair ball? Any ideas? Any signs if it is more than a hairball?

Just want him to be okay.


Staff member
The symptoms of an upper respiratory infection include discharge from the nose and/or eyes, excessive swallowing/coughing, loss of appetite, dehydration, lethargy, spasmodic sneezing. If he has a clean bill of health from the vet, I wouldn't worry too much. If the hacking persists, or if any of the URI symptoms appear, call your vet to discuss.

Was he making hacking sounds prior to his exam and did the vet examine his mouth & throat? If all was clear, does he do it after he eats, plays hard? One of mine hacks after he eats if he eats too fast and gets something stuck in his throat. Also when mine play really hard and get out of breath, they will occasionally hack but nothing comes out.