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Kitty diarrhea! Need help


Savannah Child
We picked up Our 5 month old boy about three weeks ago, he's been eating science diet dry since before he got to us, everything was fine. Tried to swap him over to evo, super gradually, he took a few bites and got diarrhea. Put him immediately back to sd dry. Been 2 weeks now and still loose stool. Doc said he's healthy, gave me some antibiotics just incase. I've been trying pumpkin, not working, nothing is working. He has a good healthy past record. He's doesn't seem affected by it at all, drinking and eating like a champ.Help please


Staff member
Funny, I just posted to another thread how Evo gave some of my cats diarrhea, but I would think that after two weeks this is no longer an Evo issue - assuming that you stopped it and have continued to feed him the Science diet that he was on before. What antibiotic is he on and how long has he been taking it? If he's been on the antibiotic for two weeks and he's still having issues I would run a diarrhea PCR on him (be forewarned it is expensive) to try to pinpoint exactly what the culprit is so that you can adequately treat it.

If the PCR comes up negative then you have to start considering other possibilities such as inflammatory bowel disease or a dietary issue. You can consider adding fiber to his food such as psyllium, transitioning to a limited ingredient food such as Natural Balance Green Pea and Duck, or switching to raw. What does the breeder say? Did the kitten have any problems at all with diarrhea before coming to you?