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Kitty diarrhea


Savannah Child
We picked up Our 5 month old boy about three weeks ago, he's been eating science diet dry since before he got to us, everything was fine. Tried to swap him over to evo, super gradually, he took a few bites and got diarrhea. Put him immediately back to sd dry. Been 2 weeks now and still loose stool. Doc said he's healthy, gave me some antibiotics just incase. I've been trying pumpkin, not working, nothing is working. He has a good healthy past record. He's doesn't seem affected by it at all, drinking and eating like a champ.Help please


Staff member
Ask your vet to do a PCR fecal test. Make sure there are no parasites present. Even if he's already had a clear fecal, do the PCR. In the meantime, a number of breeders here feed cooked dark meat chicken (do not feed cooked chicken bones) and cooked white rice for a few days when their kits have diarrhea. You may want to try it to see if it helps.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
Deborah said it all... the PCR may be a good idea just to make sure there is no undiagnosed infection...normal stool tests miss a lot of things.

And boiled chicken and rice is bland and can help settle a system down. I know it seems strange that putting back on the old diet doesn't work, but when we get an upset stomach we don't eat the foods we normally do either, we fall back on toast and soup etc... things that are easier on our stomachs...