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Kitty has started peeing on the carpet... again!

Jacob Steel

Savannah Super Cat

So Jessie and Muffin shared a litter box fine for about a year. Then a little before my townhome flooded she started peeing on the carpet in 1 corner behind the littler box. So I bought a second litter box and moved it downstairs. I am using the litter robot 3s. Anyway she didn't do it for a long time and then started again but this time also poopin. Anyway I have no idea why she stopped by my townhome flooded and we were all forced to move into my parents home. She was great for the first month and then started peeing randomly all over the carpet in different areas. However shes pooping just fine in the litter boxes. Now she seems to be peeing in one spot behind the litter box again, I put a towel down and she just keeps peeing on it. So I threw out the towel and moved a litter box into that corner, now apparently shes peeing out in the main area. However shes still pooping in the litter box.

I am not sure exactly whats going on, but I am making sure to feed her wet food twice a day, treats once at night (although she begs constantly) and always have 2 types of dry food out. She also has 2 filtering water fountains. I know that some things like the Cat Wheel are in storage during the restoration, I only had a day to get my belongings out so the litter boxes and some of my stuff took priority.

I do notice because the cats are in the basement (where I sleep) they meow at the door loudly when no ones downstairs. My mom always comments on it. Anyway I really need to try and get this peeing taken care of as my parents are going to go insane when I move back out (after the restoration) and they smell the carpet. Plus I don't much like coming home and having my smallish suite reeking of pee.



Site Supporter
A product called Anti Icky Poo will take care of the smell, you'll probably want to do the area where she goes habitually more than once. The other products that say they remove smell don't work well enough for cats noses.

The only experience I have with litter box issues was with an ailing cat, so that's all I've got, sorry.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
As recomended, Anti Icky Poo to soak the areas she's peed on, they also have the carpet injector which should help get into the underlay.

What I'm not clear on, is Jessie spayed? Is there a normal large open litter box or are you only using automated boxes?

Have you tried Cat Attract litter?

Am I understanding that a towel seemed to attract her? Did you try maybe puppy pee pads then? She's not declawed, right?

Jacob Steel

Savannah Super Cat

- She is spayed, i'm pretty sure shes peeing, doesn't seem to be in heat.
- She is not declawed :D
- She was peeing in the corner, then I put the towel on top and she continued to pee in the corner on the towel. I then moved the litter box over it and she decided to move outside of the corner more to the middle of the room.
- I only have the litter robot 3s but I have 2 of them.

I haven't tried the Cat Attract Litter and ill try and find some of the Anti Icky Poo.

I've been using Rug Doctor, Pet Urine Eliminator which you spray on the carpet then soak with water and let dry.

She isnt crapping on the rug so she is using the litter box to #2 but she still wants to pee on the carpet apparently.

Jacob Steel

Savannah Super Cat
Anyone know of anyone who sells Anti Icky Poo for a reasonable price? Their website has it in Vancouver for 78$ CAD but they want $30 shipping, and amazon wants like 130-180 for the kit. Seems expensive, but if it works im ok with paying the $80 for the kit but man the $30 shipping really hurts.

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
"She still wants to pee on the carpet apparently". No. Cats don't think that way.

(1) Cats have very few ways to tell us that something is awry in their lives
(2)They keep peeing where they can smell any trace of urine.

Feline behavior therapists all list automated litterboxes as a cause of litterbox avoidance. It's something that is convenient for us humans but not always too attractive to the cat. Therefore, try a large open normal litterbox...with Cat Attract litter in it. If your cat uses that to pee in, then you know how to get her to pee in a box and work from there.


Site Supporter
What about "Natures Miracle"? Is that available in Canada? I have never had the reason to use it but many folks here claim that it works as well as Anti Icky Poo.
You may also want to spend some extra time with her. She's had her life disrupted and is in a strange space, she likely needs some reassurance from you that everything is fine. I know, I know, she's "just a cat", but this breed in particular can understand more than you'd think.

Agreed on trying a non-automated litter box. If she's a larger cat you may want to use a tall (clear) storage tub instead of a smaller traditional box.

Also, has she been checked out by your vet lately? UTI can cause out of box peeing...