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Kitty Helper



This weekend I had a nice trip to Ikea and bought a few pieces of furniture. Once I got home I should have known Keljin would love to be my little assistant, since he is always in the same room with me at all times.

Of course, what cat doesn't love cardboard boxes? This was his favorite jungle gym, he was peeking out occasionally and curiously watching what I was doing. Then, the most fun part was when the hardware came out. He was sneaking by to pick up screws and little metal bits and walking away with them in his mouth, then he would set them down and start batting them around the kitchen floor... sigh. It was kind of cute, and luckily no pieces were lost.

Then after he had enough fun playing, he walked up into my cross-legged nap and snoozed away as I continued working on assembly. Here are some of his "hiding" pics that I got on my cell real quick. He was a busy helper :cat:

ps. also to mention the furniture purchased was because of Keljin and Winry continuously knocking small objects and papers off my shelves and tables! Now I have some nice cubbies and baskets to have small objects kept away. So this whole trip and weekend project was thanks to them ;)


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Just wait until you have to bring out wrapping paper for presents or whatever.... I always have to put the cats away!