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Kitty jumping the "baby gates"


Savannah Kitten



Hello to all, thank you for the info shared on this site. My girlfriend and I picked up our 11 wk f4 savannah male, Quinn, on this past Saturday . He is doing great, sleeping, eating, using the litter box like a pro.

We have him "quarantined" to the den/living room. I should say that we are trying to. He has no
Problem jumping and climbing over the gates to explore. We are keeping the doors to the bathroom and bedrooms shut for now. And we are sufficiently kitty proofed in the kitchen, where he makes it most. We actually took down the gate to the kitchen this AM so he wouldn't get stuck.

We were committed to limiting his exploration while he gets settled.... But I think he's a step ahead of us haha. Seems typical.

Anyone else experience this?



Savannah Super Cat
I staggered two baby gates one on top of each other to keep michonne (my 16 week f4 female) out of a 'work zone' area upstairs. It worked up until a few days ago. You have to stagger so one is straight up or angled and the top one is angled forward. She can now jump it though so I don't even bother. She really only wants to go upstairs when there are people anyway.

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
Welcome to you and Quinn!

I agree it will be easier to keep him contained in a small room with a door, and using the stacked baby gates in the doorway.


Staff member
Welcome Gerard and Quinn! Yah a smaller area would be better... Do you have other animals?

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
Baby gates generally work with dogs that don't jump, but with cats it only slows them a split I use them across a doorway so that when I open a door to enter the room a kitten might be kept in I have a little longer and can push them down rather than try to block the blur racing past my legs!

As others have said you probably need to stack gates to make something like a door... Or consider a temporary installation of a screen door?

Trish Allearz

Um... baby gates work up until 4-5 weeks of age. LOL. Then the little monsters learn to scale it and it's all over! So I think you're lucky if your baby respected a gate at all!

Great advice from everyone though-- and a temporary screen door is pretty easy to put up if needed. I'd use a bathroom though to be honest if there's no bedroom to quarantine in.