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Kitty not letting us sleep!!


Savannah Super Cat
So we've extended the "quarantine" to the upstairs of our house for Coco... we have a baby gate up and he's only wandering around upstairs.. our other cat is downstairs. Coco has bonded with us amazingly so far! Only problem is... he won't let us sleep!! Goes absolutely bazzerk overnight, jumping all over my wife and I in bed and incessantly meowing etc... the only way he calms down is if we put him back in his original quarantine room (guest bedroom) overnight. The problem is this can't be a permanent solution... (or will it have to be?) Is there anyway to get him to sleep when we do?? F2 kitty that is beyond spastic


Reincarnated cat Moderator
I am sure all that's wrong is he is bored. When he is introduced to the other kitty I am sure he will not bug you all night. He is just energetic. :)

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
Have you tried the usual methods of vigorous play to tire him out and then giving a midnight snack before you try to go to sleep?

Another thing to think about is to NEVER play on the bed, he should not associate your bed with playtime... play on the floor but when you climb into bed, playtime is over.

I find with my kittens there is a couple of weeks training once they are let out of their room... where they want to play at 3am, I have to get up and put them all out of the bedroom and close the door. They cry and scratch at the door and I get to lie there sleepless listening to them until it is a reasonable time to get up. They soon learn that if they make trouble on the bed they get turfed out, but if they snuggle like good kitties all is well and if they want to play they leave the bed.

One of the issues here is that your kitten hasn't a playmate as yet to divert his attention. Once he has met and made friends with your other cat this should improve. And as he grows up a bit and settles into your household routine things will also improve. Just you might lose a little sleep in the meantime...


Savannah Super Cat
Great advice will def try floor play vs bed play... tiring him out first seems like common sense too :)

Jim & Baghira

Savannah Super Cat
I know one thing that works like a charm for mine. When he comes to bed I clean the sleep in his eyes which makes him want to groom my arm and then himself tri big grin: Then it´s pretty much night night tri wink:


Site Supporter
Great advice will def try floor play vs bed play... tiring him out first seems like common sense too :)

I also had a very active F2 kitten, he would chase the other two cat around the house at night. So some of the things that I did to help settle him down. Active play for all cats in the morning and evening, outside if it is nice out. Put him back in the quarantine room if he starts playing with the other cats at night. Also I use the Feliway diffusers. So, after six months they worked it all out and we now have a happy cat household. :)


Staff member
I would definitely try to play with him for a good 30 minutes or more before it's time to go to bed. A lat night snack might help as well. He may still wake up at 3am and want to play again, but at that point you'll have to decide is you want the company of a playful cat, or to listen to his whines and scratches from the other side of the door until he learns that nocturnal playtime is a no-no...


Savannah Super Cat
LOL! we are having the same issue with Biz right now!!!! He wakes me up so early with a toy and jumps on the bed and meows - it's so irritatingly cute. We've been kicking him out in the morning - nothing else to do about it really.


Savannah Super Cat
It is with great pleasure that I inform you that yes, you do indeed have a cat. Concatulations! ;)