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Kitty Toy Torture


Savannah Super Cat
My only problem with it is it would teach my cat to claw the furniture to get the dots.

Paul B

I wish Sorte would go for lasers, but since the first time he realized he could not physically catch the dot, he will have nothing to do with it anymore. LOL!

Brigitte Cowell

Staff member
Many do that, Coco knows she can't capture it but she loves the chase still. She's also insane about shadows and insists every night that I make shadows for her with the bedside lamp for her to chase. And every night she waits patiently for JN to finish dinner so he can play laser light with her. She is very clear on what she wants. Sometimes one of them, Georgie or Baz, might join for a while but they just don't have the obsession with it that she does...