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Savannah Super Cat
Taz has done this since we first brought him home. Usually in the middle of the night. lol. He'll jump up on the bed and just start kneading away at the blanket, preferably with our arms underneath. He purrs the whole time, then puts the blanket in his mouth and drools while he's kneading. It's the cutest thing. Anyone else have a kneader?

MK Anderson

Yes, all mine are! One that likes to suck my oldest daughters ear too. He was abandoned at 3weeks old and bottle feed by rescue, we got him at 7weeks. The first day we brought him home he sleep with her and woke her up sucking on her ear LOL! He will literately dive for her ear, it's the funniest thing ever.

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
Yup...have a few here. The "worst" is our F3 Lily. She can really soak the throw blanket on the I found out recently when I wanted to take a nap and cover up ;p


Savannah Super Cat
Kovu does occasionally, but our non-SV, Sarabi is the Queen of Kneading. lol She is just such a happy, sweet, girl all the time.

Pam Flachs

Savannah Super Cat
Razi is the worst. He kneads my stomach and chest, and I always have a rash there.

I hear ya, Jacq! My oci Rufus does that. And drools heavily at the same time. He gets this silly, eyes half-lidded look on his face, and when I see the drips, I know I am in for a massage...I love it, but yeck (and ouch)!