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Kneed obsession?


Savannah Super Cat
image.jpg Koda is obsessed with this blanket. My blanket that I use every night. Whenever I'm not using it he sniffs it and kneeds it for hours. Is this normal?


Staff member
Well, kneeding for hours may be a bit obsessive, but kneeding in general is pretty normal behavior. I have a couple of cats who would probably kneed me for hours if I let them. I suspect the blanket is simply a convenient substitute that is strong with your scent on it...


Reincarnated cat Moderator
Remember kneading is a throwback to the nursing instinct. They knead to stimulate the milk production. I am guessing that if it started after he had his traumatic experience, then he is comforting himself by reverting to his kittenhood with you as his momma. Your scent being all over the blanket. He will move out of the phase when he is healed and his "oh poor me's" are expended. Till then, be his mommy. ;)


Reincarnated cat Moderator
So then. No worries. He is just calming himself. His own built-in tranquilizer. All will be fine.
BTW, he is looking super good in the picts of him and his daddy. :)