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Kong turtle

Trish Allearz

Picked it up at Petsmart so don't know why I can't find it online. It's made by Kong- it's a turtle with catnip in the head, crinkles in the fins (I believe).

Trish Allearz

I saw it at petsmart last week. I think they are new. It was expensive i think.
It was a bit expensive- okay, yeah, it was expensive to me, but Bubs wanted it for the cats. Since I already denied him tortoiseshell glasses (he said they looked like his cat- ROFLMAO)- I had to go with the cat toy...

It was $40, but marked down to $30. BUT it's so nicely made- I really like it and the other Kong one...


Site Supporter
They definitely have nice products. I bought a Kong cave bed for kittens on sale and they LOVE it! I will check it out tomorrow. If they are on sale, maybe i will grab it with my coupon!